The Solsave Story

What are we about

The Solsave team are innovators with the vision of putting unlimited power in the hands and pockets of every human being. In light of this we have developed a range of portable power solutions that not only save you time, save you stress and save you money but simultaneously save the world from the effects of fossil fuel pollution.

Saves Time. Saves Stress. Saves Money. Saves The World.

How it all began

As a group of passionate, like-minded South African and European entrepreneurs, have joined forces to develop innovative solutions to the power challenges facing today's world. Living on the African continent, with access to incredible amounts of sunshine, we began to think of ways to harvest this sunlight and give people access to their own reliable portable power source, whilst simultaneously changing people's lives and pioneering the way to a more sustainable future.

What fuels us

Motivated by the Tesla car and Richard Branson's solar plane we are inspired to see the world join the practical, renewable and sustainable solar-power revolution.

The SolsaveTM team is equally passionate about bringing modern power solutions to third world challenges by changing the way people worldwide use and think about power.

With fossil fuels shortages, power cuts, failing infrastructure and over 1.4 billion people without access to power, we are pulling the future into today by harnessing the sun's energy and sharing it with the world so nobody is left in the dark and without power.

The future starts now. Join the Solsave revolution.